Putting Out the Vibe

December 5, 2012

To Cable or not to Cable: The historical cost of cable and the benefits of cutting the cord

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  1. Jenna and I “cut the cord” about 6 months ago. I really don’t miss utility one bit.

    Comment by Mike Piche — December 7, 2012 @ 12:12 pm

    • I’ve been analyzing this for months. Unfortunately we can’t get antenna reception where we live in Boulder, otherwise that free option would be the choice. My big hangup is live sports, so if an antenna could be combined with just purchasing ESPN, that would be my ideal.

      Currently: We have the most basic Comcast cable package (no ESPN) and high speed internet. Cable services only come to $20. A bonus for us is that we were given free HBO months ago for bad service, and we mysteriously still have it for free.
      Option 1: Direct TV and Internet package. This was the best price wise, while also including great sports options. Unfortunately the internet provider (century link) was through the phone line and we deemed this too slow.
      Option 2: I very much considered hooking up the Sling Box at a family members home who has cable. It seemed complicated, though, if someone was actually watching the TV at that location.
      Option 3: I heard Apple is trying to build a pay per channel service?
      Option 4: Nothing. We go with this every few months when Comcast doesn’t feel like renegotiating our contract

      Comment by Dave — February 27, 2013 @ 11:52 am

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